Dj Deep  (EU)


“When I do these special selections, I bridge the spirit of what I used to like so much in house and techno, with what I think is still alive in the new surge of producers, bringing generations together under one roof. From Deepside to Roman Poncet, from Masters at Work to Call Super, from Armando to Marcel Dettmann.” DJ Deep

DJ Deep is one of house and techno’s  most accomplished selectors. It is through his exhaustive musical knowledge, unabridged collection and restless activity that DJ Deep has built an impeccable career and reputation.

For this particular partnership with Sounds Familiar, DJ Deep develops specific selections as presented through his essential City to City or Kern compilations. Through these dedicated sets, he presents a dimension of his work that remains very close to his heart, blending favorite classics along with the new sounds in techno and house that really captivate him.