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Kai Alce

There’s a humble power about Kai Alce (pronounced al-SAY). Perhaps it’s a combination of his Haitian roots, his youth spent in St. Croix and his New York City upbringing.

It is evident when he steps behind the turntables or CDJs, where he is at once clearly comfortable, and after more than 20 years in the business, yes; “The Kaizer” also still gets butterflies. That’s probably what makes Kai Alce such a force, he doesn’t settle down, blend in or go along. That integrity comes through in every show he’s played - from his early days as a teenager at Detroit’s Music Institute, to the 10-year-long DEEP legacy at MJQ that he co-founded, right up to his own production company NDATL which was created in 2008.

What’s good is just that, Alce is ready to put in the work and is constantly pushing himself. Whether it’s after a session in the booth or studio, a night of intense dancing at the club, or any other creative endeavour. As long as it’s done with truth and sincerity.