Kc The Funkaholic  (EU)

KC The Funkaholic

Ever wondered why Amsterdam is such a funky city?
The answer may lie in Funkahol: a musical magic potion manufactured and distributed by KC the Funkaholic. KC has secretly been sprinkling Funkahol over Amsterdam for over 30 years, organising and dj’ing at endless amounts of parties, booking inspiring dj’s and artists, hosting radio shows, running record labels and supporting new interesting bands.
Never sticking to a genre, only to the Funkahol, KC was the one to debute house music in the notorious Amsterdam club RoXY in the 80s, while around the same time organising and spinning at hiphop parties. Since the very first record he played in an Amsterdam club at Dansen bij Jansen in 1984 he never stopped infusing the local club scene with Funkahol. Generations have boogied on KC’s dance floor leaving every party more addicted to the magic potion.
He has been booking Theo Parrish, Moodyman, Joe Claussell, from the early days. Sounds Familiar Dj’s Rich Medina, Kaidi, Dego, Spinna, Osunlade have helped KC provide the good stuff to the dance floors of Amsterdam. As a promotor at Paradiso he supported Jay Dilla’s first tour with Slum Village. He helped artists like The Roots, Common, Jill Scott and Bilal take their first steps in Europe. KC recently helped D’Angelo set up his revial tour. The list goes on and on.Together with RushHour he started the legendary parties Disco2000/3000 in 1995. KC and RushHour also created the label Kindred Spirits with the aim to spread the Funkahol and get as many people hooked as possible. Signing Build an Ark, Carlos Niño, Madlib, Heavy, RedNose, Jungle By Night, and Jameszoo, just to name a few.
In 2017 KC the Funkaholic is still keeping the foundation for soulful music in Amsterdam alive and kicking. He is a driving force supporting new generation music lovers inspirited by the afro younsters Jungle By Night promoting African and other tropical sounds. Ticket to the Tropic’s, FelaBration and Dansé Dansé are new distribution methods for the Funkahol.
As a dj, his mix of the Funkahol is most exquisite. Never going for the quick hit, serving up the kind of Funkahol that combines all kinds of music, creeps into every vain of the body, feel sexy, and glow for hours. 
His soul purpose is to move you, physically and spiritually.His goal: spread more Funkahol