Masalo  (EU)

Tour dates


Dutch-Japanese music creative Masalo has been consistently building his craft over  the years. Patience and sincerity are key foundations in his work process. And this gets powerfully translated in his versatile and expressive DJ sets. 

Masalo together with Kamma run dance party series Brighter Days: a colourful get together drawing one of the city’s most up for it crowds with guest appearances from local and  international heatmakers.  Masalo recently released “Testify”, a dancefloor destroyer in collaboration with  Chicago’s Jamie 3:26 on Local Talk Records. More collaborative works of Masalo &  Jamie 3:26 will soon shine the light of the world. Furthermore, Masalo has a future  project coming out on Clima Records. Masalo's musical outcomes are slowly yet powerfully introduced and are already getting support from Antal, Hunee and Tama Sumo to name a few. 

With Liverpool Disco Festival and Suncébeat Festival among other exotic DJ travels at the horizon, Masalo clearly has brighter days ahead.