Amichay Matyas  (EU)

Amichay Matyas

Amichay’s story is of a lifetime pursuit musical thrills. Born and raised in Tel-Aviv his character has been forged by the melting pot of colorful and diverse culture that populates Israel. Among his influenced lay some of the most obscure pairings you could ever think of and the soundtrack of his upbringing hovered on a spectrum of oriental jazz, middle eastern disco and 70’s psychedelic rock but when he discovered early electronics, disco, house and techno things started to take a turn. Being an active force, DJ and selector for nearly 2 decades, constantly digging crates for new sounds and pushing the bar form a very young age, he gained mythical reputation within the Israeli club culture and been given the keys to one of the world’s best clubs and sound system’s, The Block, where he holds a residency. A lifelong music fanatic and record collector he founded Bauhaus Records which is an ode to the white city of Tel-Aviv and manifests cosmic old school flavored house and psychedelic acid vibe.

Amichay is pushing boundaries in Tel-Aviv’s underground for the past 20 years. Being an active force as a DJ and selector, he still keeps himself busy by digging the crates for new sounds to raise the bar he set at a young age and. Within these 20 years, he also gained mythical reputation within the Isreali club culture with his residency at The Block. He regularly warms-up for DJs such as Theo Parrish, Maurice Fulton, DJ Harvey and others at the renowned club in Tel-Aviv. But in a desolated and exclusive venue anywhere in the world that will project the right atmosphere of total musical freedom and hi-fidelity sound, Amichay’s record selection will hit you at the right spot at the right moment.

With both feet in the club culture, it seemed only right to think about the next musical move: a record label. Championed by their residencies at The Block, Amichay Matyas and Yogo founded Bauhaus Records in 2017, based on music put forward by musicians from their own city. The records come in all shapes and sizes; House, Acid and other obscurities made in Tel-Aviv.

Amichay is currently dedicating his al to his passion, leaving other trajectories aside and following just one; music. This love for music is his driving force and his addiction to collecting vinyl records stems from that core. As a lifelong music fanatic, record collector and co-owner of a label which pays tribute to the white city of Tel-Aviv, Amichay is well established, manifesting cosmic old school flavors with unheard uniqueness.