AnanÉ  (US)


The Cape Verdean born artist is a force of nature and one of the hardest working women we know. Not only she is the owner of the labels Nulu Music and Nulu Electronic, from which she brings the afro and electronic music to a wide audience and supports artists from Africa, Europe and US, she’s also behind Nulu Movement, her own events in which everything is about “freedom of musical expression”.

With releases on Vega Records, Soul Heaven Records and Nervous Records, Anané can be described as an all round artist performing her unexpected yet beautifully curated sets across the world. From performing at the Super Bowl XLI, holding residencies at Le Bain NYC, in Ibiza and Mykonos or speaking in front of 10.000 kids when she was invited by Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress to perform at their event, she clearly embodies the notion of female empowerment, something she carries and transmits everywhere she goes and in everything she does.