Boo Williams  (US)


Not much can be said about him, you might not know already as Boo is simply part of House Music history and one of the most prolific producers of Chicago’s second generation of artists. 

With a jaw-dropping list of production credits under his belt, you just need to name one of his tracks, EP's or albums and it will probably be considered a classic or a future classic. 

That’s because his productions and approach to music both in the studio and behind the turntables remains as fresh now as it was when he first started in the early nineties. We’re even 200% sure that if you ask your favorite DJ to name his key musical references, Boo will probably be on that list too. Even Daft Punk gave him a shout on their seminal album “Homework”!

From jazz influenced house tracks to four to the floor techno joints, Boo captures the spirit of Chicago in everything he does while traveling the world spreading his message and giving service to the masses.