Carista  (EU)

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“Whatever genre or music style I select there’s always soul that people can connect to. But you know, it all depends on my mood too.” – CARISTA

The hidden gem of The Netherlands is without a doubt CARISTA. The Dutch- Surinamese DJ easily swings between electronic rhythms and soulful grooves. Her diverse selection goes from hiphop to house and bass-heavy sounds to disco to jazz and everything in between. This eclectic taste was nurtured by a combination of CARISTA’s upbringing, musical surroundings and Dutch diversity. As a result, she’s become a very welcome DJ to renowned Dutch dance floors and festivals. You can catch her frequently at De School in Amsterdam, BIRD in Rotterdam, Lowlands Festival and Appelsap Festival. Right from the get go, dance floors from across the Dutch borders started noticing the sound of CARISTA and now you can find her in the UK, Belgium and Germany. Expect her to go further and further. There isn't one specific box CARISTA fits in, because she’s constantly innovative. That’s what makes this woman all the more interesting and special.

Being a music enthusiast first CARISTA loves collecting records that she started to play over the airwaves on her own radioshow at Red Light Radio in 2015. She argues that ‘sound-wise, something was missing at that particular time’ and her collection bridged that gap perfectly. As radio-resident people started noticing her unique sound through her impressive music collection and hosting skills. She caught the attention of people like BBC1’s Benji B, Fatima Yamaha and the incomparable Gilles Peterson. It eventually resulted in an invitation to spin at the Worldwide FM take-over at Rush Hour during Amsterdam Dance Event 2016.

Making radio is at the core of what CARISTA loves with all her heart. Along with her Red Light Radio residency she recently locked down a monthly radio-residency on London-based NTS. For the Utrecht-native it’s where she shares timeless and exciting music from the (inter)national music scene, in its broadest sense, with her listeners. CARISTA is the versatile selector who isn't afraid to surprise the crowd whenever, wherever by doing what she does best: sharing her infectious positive energy as a human being and her distinctive taste in music with others.