Dtm Funk

DTM Funk

For well over a decade, DTM Funk has stood front and center in Antwerp and the Belgian music scene.

Years before becoming a respected DJ, he was already planting seeds and seeing them flourish in our beloved nocturnal habitat.Combining a strong focus on local talent alongside a worldwide view standing firmly above fleeting hypes or trends, he’s been creating a safer space for auditive discoveries of a different kind.DTM has always focused on the best in beat oriented electronica, developing a deep love for footwork and juke at an early age.

Launching his Foot Juice nights in the early 2010’s, heralding Chicago footwork, the immaculate ghetto house scene and introducing these parts of the world to the Teklife crew, amongst others. Linking this to his conscientious inclination of pairing upcoming artists with certified OG’s, DTM Funk has created a growing repertoire of setting up genre-defining sonic adventures within and outside of Antwerp’s thriving nightlife scene. These days he is still organizing “from Boogie to Booty” a party concept where the evening starts with some classic 80ies boogie and ends with some Chicago booty and detroit tech.
Today his playlist may have evolved to heartfelt rare grooves and subtropic poly rhythm jams, but nothing is in fact too leftfield for his San-Kofa Records, which literally translates to ‘’Go back and get it’’, which was introduced to all of us mid 2019. Releasing music from all kinds of corners of the auditive spectrum, one thing is for sure: this is only the beginning.

All the above culminated in the launch of his influential Black Gravity Rhythms concept. The name refers to an iconic Herbie Hancock and A Guy Called Gerald collaboration dating back to 2001, which, According to DTM, is "the perfect example of two different grooves coming together in perfect harmony". The track single-handedly exemplifies that two singular scenes, in this case acoustic soul and alternative electronica, can perfectly go hand in hand and thrive through each other’s momentous presence.

This powerful fusion of influences gave rise to a monthly outsider morning show on Brussels' online station Kiosk Radio and WAV Radio 'Antwerp'i, a compilation series around an ever-evolving sound that winks to the past while firmly looking towards the future.

His innate passion for discovering and sharing music never declined over the years and few come close to the consistency he has for promoting cross continental talents.

Eyes peeled for what’s next, we can assure you it’ll be a riveting ride.