Esa’s Afro-synth Band

Esa’s Afro-Synth Band

Esa Williams, a South African DJ and producer, has curated a collective of exceptionally talented musicians to form part of Esa's Afro-Synth Band. This ensemble is dedicated to guiding audiences on a rhythmic odyssey using synths and percussions, interweaving the creative talents of emerging artists such as Ami Koda and Alexander Burke (known as Forest Law) with Esa's own musical vision. Their primary objective is not only to revive the vibrant legacy of South African dance music born during the apartheid era but also to infuse innovative concepts for the future.

In their quest to revive the musical heritage, the band frequently collaborates with special guests, constantly evolving their live performances. They craft original studio tracks, edits, and reworks, showcasing their work on labels like Rush Hour, Ninja Tune, and through partnerships with Keleketla!, Harvey Sutherland, and other notable collaborators. The band's 2019 European tour marked a significant moment as guest artist Ntombi Ndaba performed with the band outside South Africa for the first time, introducing her long-unheard sound to Western audiences.

Continuing their journey, in 2022, the multi-talented artist and vocalist Chisara Agor joined the band as the front woman, adding another dimension to their evolving sound. Notably, esteemed guest Kamazu, renowned for his South African musical contributions since the mid-80s and experiencing a resurgence with re-releases on Afro Synth Records, is set to shape the musical direction of the Afro-Synth Band's current tours. Kamazu's collaboration includes fvocals alongside Esa's recently released productions on his newly established AWEH Music imprint.

The band's focus extends beyond the revival of past musical legacies; they are keen on exploring new musical horizons, introducing fresh perspectives, and embracing future-forward concepts in their artistic endeavours. This commitment to both honouring the past and innovating for the future distinguishes Esa's Afro-Synth Band as a dynamic force in the contemporary music scene.