An entrepreneur by nature, Aïsha Vertus by name, this Saturnian, Capricorn is an expansive vessel of creativity, redefining the DJ / producer prefix and so much more.

Gayance, the pseudonym of Aïsha Vertus, has been gaining momentum through original sets and self released music since 2013. Growing up in Montreal, Canada, Aïsha has since made multiple artistic families around Europe and in Latin America - spreading joy and connection wherever she resides.

Collecting many accolades over the past decade, her next embodiment of personal musings and growth is a debut album entitled, Mascarade. It drops on Bradley Zeros’s London based, internationally renowned label Rhythm Section, on March 3rd 2023. [Press Release on Page 2]

With a desire to create beyond boundaries, her debut EP, No Toning Down, came out as an independent release, Sirens feat. KALLITECHNIS came on Sherelle’s label, Beautiful Music and Kinda Strange (2021) was an ode to underground UKG, accompanied by choral backing vocals which honours her upbringing.

Her maternal Grandfather played Haitian-Cuban influenced gospels in church and showed her how music can touch, gather and uplift people. A gift she’s paid attention and respect to along her path. This year, Gayance will also birth Mascarade, the movie.

A feelings based DJ who categorically doesn’t give a fuck about much, but the music. Gayance’s sets are a journey through Black history; she collects vinyl from afro-Latin jazz, the Caribbean, West-Africa and electronic music from both sides of the Atlantic and delivers them with unforgettable energy.

Aïsha has an eye for directing, love for storytelling and her ear to the ground. Previously a host for VICE Canada, writer for Red Bull Music Academy and The Fader, in tandem with being a music programme consultant at POP, Montreal. She also curated the exhibition Visions Hip Hop QC at PHI Center and directed her first docu Piu Piu, a film about Montreal beat scene, featuring Kaytranada which received recognition in the States and France.

Receiving inspiration from fellow rebels and pioneers such as Betty Davis, Bob Marley, Caetano Veloso, Timbaland as well as contemporaries, Liv.e, Nick Hakim, Viktor Duplaix, Solange, IG Culture and Little Dragon. She regularly steps out from behind the decks to teach DJ masterclasses (currently at DeSchool, Amsterdam) and delivers talks to empower youth and bring knowledge to the people.

Gayance has a mind to move and surprise us and is actively doing just that.