“DJing for a dance audience is similar to experiencing a well-written novel that takes us on a spiritual journey of unforeseen change. Each chapter leads us somewhere unexpected that's intrinsically related to where we first began...yet at the same time, uniquely alien from it. To me, that's the thrill of the ride.” – GE-OLOGY

In today's burgeoning culture of opportunism and ambition, you seldom meet an individual with exceptional abilities and a lengthy history of achievement without it being worn on their sleeve. GE-OLOGY’s sets reflect his diverse taste in music perfectly. Unfiltered mixes filled with records ranging from experimental Jazz, Gospel, Disco, Funk, House, Techno and Hip-Hop, GE-OLOGY does is all with ease. There is no single tread to be found in his sets, other than him taking risks and mixing in curveballs that light up the dance floor. On top of his sublime track selection, the skills of the Baltimore DJ are unparalleled and admired by everybody’s favorite DJs. Thus, the enigmatic virtuoso known as GE-OLOGY is a rare find indeed.

GE-OLOGY's ties with music were close from the start. After learning how to play the trumpet and starting collecting records at age 5, 6 years later GE-OLOGY’s interest in DJing and passion for music started rising to the heights he still beholds today. His interest in Hip-Hop brought him together with Tupac, Talib Kweli and Mos Def and later the Baltimore born, 80's New York City bred Renaissance man took the opportunity to produce for Jill Scott, De La Soul, Yukimi Nagano and Vinia Mojica and Jem. Yet, surprising to most, his dance floor oriented music dates back to the same time.

This masterful music producer, skilled DJ, and equally gifted visual artist has been acclaimed internationally for over two decades, however he remains somewhat of a mystery, letting his music and his mixes speak for themselves. To GE-OLOGY, music is something spiritual which reaches his soul and is inseparable from his being. This ethos is clearly emulated in his music, always digging deeper and weaving diverse music genres that coalesce to inspire soulful movement on the dance floor.