Hadj Sameer

Hadj Sameer

Hadj Sameer, the 31-year-old a half Algerian, half Turkish DJ, vinyl collector and label head, has spent the last twelve years travelling the world in search of rare grooves to add to his collection. His library passes through the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Africa and into Europe. With a keen interest in Chicago House, Detroit Techno, UK Dubstep, DnB and Jungle and growing up in southern Paris where he formed a love for hip hop and rap he has managed to carve out a musical identity for himself which bridges acoustic and electronic and isn’t bound by location or genre.

Over the years he’s forged friendships with a network of fellow music heads who he’s collaborated with on a number of CD and cassette mixtapes allowing him to demonstrate his knowledge and freely express himself through his ever-expanding collection.Among those projects was an Afro-Caribbean mixtape made in 2017, the first release with the TTT label. This was followed by a tape honouring the North African genre Raï on the Future Times label, a release on Ominira’s Kassem German label Mosse that focused on the experimental and ambient, and a Japanese CD mixtape paying homage to 90s Detroit Techno.

Hadj has a monthly radio show on Rinse France Radio Station where he’s hosted artists across all 5 continents with the aim to “dig, find, and share”. This residency pushed him to dig deeper and play music on a wider spectrum.  During his time in Paris he helped run The Trilogy Tapes and the L.I.E.S label with Will Bankhead and Ron Morelli and he’s also been able to collaborate and play for various fashion and streetwear brands.

Some of the artists he’s worked with include:  Will Bankhead, Ron Morelli, Ben Ufo, Virgil Abloh, Kassem Mosse, Max D, Japan Blues, Livity Sound, Boiler Room, The Vinyl Factory, Rinse Fm, NTS, The Lot Radio (for a festival in Abidjan),  Radar Radio, Balami, LYL Radio, Feÿ Festival, Atlas Electronic festival, Meakusma, Tresor Berlin,  Concrete, Djoon, Frequence Bar, Carhartt, Nike, Adidas, Edwin, Converse, etc etc. 

Hadj, sees himself as an explorer, a sort of musical archaeologist, traveling the world in search of musical artefacts to share with humanity.