Hugo Lx

Hugo LX

Hugo LX is a Paris-based DJ and Producer cruising from downtempo beats to soulful electronic dance music.With no less than two dozens of releases in the last 5 years, Hugo LX keeps on cruising in constantly expanding, ever organic, yet electronic musical spectrum.
His recent outputs - A pair of EPs with NY revered music master DJ Spinna on the prestigious NDATL imprint, a couple of singles for MCDE Recordings and People Of Earth, and numerous remixes for legends such as Satoshi Tomiie, Rick Wade or Karizma - got him a special place in the current electronic soundscape. Closely associated to the japanese dance music scene, he has been curating the Japan Connection Festival in Paris, alongside Kuniyuki Takahashi, while he also continues working on his hiphop catalogue and also supplies productions services for a large array of MC’s and vocalists.

2022 marks a new milestones for Hugo as he will launch his own imprint, Doma Music and is putting the final touches on a new full length album.