Kai Alcé  (US)

Kai Alcé

“In the 70s in New York disco was all over the place, hip hop was just beginning. Then I moved to Detroit, the birth of house and techno, where I was immersed in the sound of Derrick May, Mike Huckaby & Chez Damier” - Kai Alce

When people are debating over nature/nurture, it’s often either/or. But Kai Alce (pronounced Al- Say) proves it can be both! His Haitian roots provide the nature part, where he inherited his Soca from his mother’s side and Jazz from his father’s. While his nurture came from his upbringing in St Croix, New York City and Detroit later, surrounding himself in an inspiring music-filled environment from an early age.

These key elements make Kai Alce such a force; he doesn’t settle down, blend in or go along. That integrity comes through in every show he’s played - from his early days as a teenager at Detroit’s Music Institute, to the 10-year-long DEEP legacy at MJQ that he co-founded in Atlanta, right up to his own production company NDATL, an abbreviation of New York, Detroit and Atlanta, the cities he lived in and inspired his music. The latter he calls home at the moment, embracing and keeping soulful house alive in Atlanta. Kai runs a monthly residency DISTINCTIVE & co-founded House In The Park in 2004, the 2nd largest outdoor house event in the US. Though, keeping soulful house alive is an understatement, since the currently 15.000 visitors to House In The Park shows that it's alive and well!

Chez Damier in particular has played an important role in Kai’s career. As a distant cousin, Chez took Kai under his wing, mentoring him in the craft of DJing and creating the music-minded mentality Kai’s kept with him ever since . What’s good is just that, Kai is ready to put in the work and is constantly pushing himself after a session in the booth or studio, a night of intense dancing at the club, or any other creative endeavor. As long as it’s done with truth and sincerity.