Kamma  (EU)


Born and raised in Amsterdam, Kamma’s path to her craft could not have come more naturally. She’s the child of parents who both have DJ’d professionally for over 25 years. Inherited the art and the musical knowledge from them, Kamma is well on her way to continue bringing dance music in all shapes and sizes to the new generation. Her instinct and open-mindedness result in sets that demonstrate a wide range of sounds, from disco to techno, worldy music to house.

Besides DJ’ing, Kamma runs the dance party series Brighter Days, a colourful get-together drawing one of the city’s most up for it crowds with guest appearances from local and international heatmakers. Here, she has graced the decks with artists such as Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Hunee, Kuniyuki, Ge-ology and Jamie 3:26.

Not long after making noise in Amsterdam, Kamma’s talent was noticed and she  increasingly started at international festivals and venues like Dimensions Festival, Liverpool Disco Festival, Suncébeat, Southern Soul Festival and, whilst om tour in Japan, Tokyo’s Contact. She’s not planning on slowing down, bringing her signature sound to crowds across the world. Driven by a love of soothing vibes, cosmic elements and complex rhythms, Kamma’s sound is defined by an effortless contrast of sounds, energy and emotions.