Lb aka Labat  (EU)


“I just turn on the MPC and fuck with it , with no real goal.” - LB aka LABAT

Born in Strasbourg in 1993 and currently living in Lyon city, LB aka LABAT is a record Collector and a MPC wizard. His culture deeply rooted in Jazz and Hip Hop led him to produce his own vision of sample based music, low tempo beats with significant groovescoming straight out of the MPC and his Tape recorders.

It all started when LB got his first pair of turntables from his older brother at the age of thirteen. Two years later he was spinning at after parties and started playing in clubs.
In 2014 he drops his first piece of wax, More Kindyness, on Faces & MCDE records. From that moment, he started releasing music on Groovedge with his first debut album "Disques Solaires " and then on D.KO, BFDM, Wolf etc.

He founded his own label called Alélah Records with his fellow Polow in 2017 , with the aim to release more personal projects and push forward friends and musical talents around him. His second album " Fake Memories ‘’ was released in 2018 digging his long time love for beats with a 17 track record featuring long time friend Patchworks and also Copenhague hip hop scene with Josephin Bovien.

Baptistin Cabalou travels the world with his bags full of records and already performed in places like Observatory In Vietnam, Bonobo in Japan, Tresor in Berlin and Five Miles in London just to name few.
In 2019 he is now presenting and touring his new live show  "1993 Elevation"  still with his two MPC’s and now adding up a 808 & a 303 for a little acid touch and banging drums.

Keep an eye out for the man, might be in your city soon.