Patrick Gibin  (EU)

Patrick Gibin

“My message to the dance floor is: Go for it” – Patrick Gibin

Born in the UK and based in Verona, Italy, Patrick Gibin started his label Blend It! Records in 2011 by releasing the first of his Black Aroma edits EPs under the moniker of Twice. The Black Aroma releases are a collection of respectfully crafted edits that reflect the wide spectrum of his record collection and have quickly become a must-have for diggers and djs worldwide. His distinctive touch in editing obscure, often overlooked jazz-funk and boogie tunes is well represented by his releases on labels like Razor n Tape, Sounds Familiar and Salsoul Records.

Staying true to his eclectic taste, Patrick’s productions echo his music background, taking inspiration from house, brokenbeat and 80s music. He worked with artists like Kaidi Tatham, Erik Rico, Clara Hill, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Tommaso Cappellato and Javonntte. A special mention goes to his 2019 release on Eglo Records called Cloud Nine, a 2 track EP featuring the soul filled tones of Detroit native Javonntte on vocals and musical polymath Mark de Clive-Lowe on keys. Constantly working in studio on new tracks and remixes, there’s definitely much more to come.

Patrick’s mixes, radio shows and podcasts on various platforms that include NTS, Dekmantel Radio, Mellotron and many others, give the chance to enjoy the breadth of his selections. Notably he has a profound love for slow jams, that he had the chance to express with the limited edition Altered Soul Experiment tape back in 2016.

With the heartfelt passion of pushing the music he loves in his hometown, Patrick over the past 15 years has been consistently throwing parties in Verona. Through the renowned Roots Corte Radisi nights, based in a unique 500 year old villa with a banging custom-made soundsystem, Patrick had the honour to invite legends like Theo Parrish, Ron Trent, Sadar Bahar and Lee Collins, amongst others. Together with long time friends Volcov and Native, Patrick also hosts a bi-monthly party in Verona called GO~TO in an old paint factory just outside the city.