Specter  (US)

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Andres Ordonez also known as Specter, developed and crafted his signature style of the Chicago house sound over a span of 25 years.

Specter’s ambience-driven organic sound exudes an infectious groove that is deeply soulful, sensual, earthy, warm and nocturnal with a good measure of sublime disco, acid house, jazzy inflections and pure funk. Specter’s interest in house music piqued in the 80’s, when the wunderkind genre blew up in the city of Chicago.

Specter would tape and devour the novel, often raw and eventually legendary mixes from radio stations like WBMX, WCYC, WCRX, WKKC and WGCI. At the age of 15 Specter started playing house, disco and Italo, spinning at basement parties around the city and suburbs.

When Chicago’s loft-party and rave scene started to take off in the mid nineties Specter began to incorporate edgier, minimal heat of Detroit techno into his sound and steadily established himself as a respected DJ. He also co-founded a production label with Damon Lamar aka Baby Pop called Tetrode Music in 2000. Dropping the instant underground classic “For All the Music/Mystery” with the first release. In 2009, Tetrode opened the doors to record and remix on other labels: Sistrum, Downbeat, Altered Moods, Emphasis, Burek, Eargasmic, Deep explorer, Semantica, Ndatl, Sequencias, Perpetual Rhythms, Flumo and most notably Sound Signature.