Esa Williams, South African native now based in London, draws profound inspiration from his cultural roots while relentlessly pushing the boundaries toward an innovative musical future. With an infectious energy and charisma, Esa is not only a DJ but also a gifted producer, showcasing an ever-evolving repertoire that spans from his early works to the latest chapter in his musical journey—embodied by his Aweh label. This platform features collaborations with notable artists like Kamazu, Special Touch, Forest Law, and his own sister, Tasneem. His musical footprint is also prominent across esteemed labels such as Dekmantel, Rush Hour, and Brownswood.

Esa's prowess extends beyond music creation; he has made a mark by pioneering electronic music programs in various regions, including Cuba, East Africa, Brazil and beyond. His passion lies in nurturing a new wave of DJs and producers globally, sharing his expertise to uplift and inspire. He takes pride in spotlighting artists who may have been overlooked, solidifying his reputation as a creative polymath, adept at weaving together cultural, historical, and technical threads.

An integral force in reviving the legacies of Kamazu and Steve Monite, Esa has played a pivotal role in assembling the remarkable Afro-Synth Band, a collective featuring emerging talents such as Chisara Agor, Ami Koda, and Alexander Burke (Forest Law). This band has become a cornerstone in Esa's musical narrative, representing the fusion of diverse influences and talents.

Through his extensive global travels, Esa gathers and shares mesmerising stories and experiences inspired by his musical adventures. His music, performances, and collaborative endeavours serve as channels to convey these tales. Drawing from encounters with people from around the world and the artists he's collaborated with, Esa is gearing up to present new works through his Aweh label, continuing to celebrate a world connected by a tapestry of musical, cultural, and historical traditions. The stories that Esa tells through his music invite listeners on a journey—a visual and auditory feast that encapsulates the essence of Esa's experiences and passions.