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Mark Grusane

“As I was younger than other record dealers, I’d enjoy the challenge of making friends happy finding music they’d been searching for. What keeps me going to this day is that I truly love to collect music.” – Mark Grusane

Mark Grusane’s eclectic musical taste is a favorite among crowds that extensively party. Former co-owner of Mr Peabody Records in Chicago, Mark has a strong and long history of DJing and dance floor culture. While being an important go-to-guy for selections amongst a vast pool of international DJs, compilers, and record labels, he is by no means a stranger behind the turntables either.

Growing up in Chicago during the early 80’s, Mark (with the help from his older brother) started collecting records and DJing during his pre-teen years. Coming up as the second wave of Chicago House DJs, Mark drew inspiration from the greats of the Windy City, emulating the sound from the birthplaces like the Music Box.

By the time Mark went to high school, he became increasingly fluent in the art of DJing. He started listening to and getting influenced by the WBMX mixes on the radio, broadening his musical horizon further and picking up the interest in producing his own house tracks. Mark did so with his friends, hooking up the gear in empty classrooms during lunch periods.

Later, Mark entered the endless world of searching and seeking music he had yet to discover, and his music habits soon reached a level deemed as obsessive. This obsession led Mark to become a record dealer at a relatively young age and in 2004 he and fellow fanatic Mike Cole founded Mr. Peabody Records. It became a destination point for many DJs and music lovers of all genres of obscure music. Sadly, the store closed in 2012, but luckily Mark still collects and continues to play music to dancers around the world.

With his own signature way of presenting records with a focus to play quality, obscure, heart pounding, Make You Get Up And Move music, Mark isn't your typical cookie cutter style DJ. His style is derived from his unique persona, many years of collecting dance music and knowing how to move people with it. With three decades of experience, there are very few people whom embody the sounds and spirit of Chicago more than Mark Grusane.